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Gianni Rodari's fable

Once upon a time
A poor young wolf was
Carrying to his Granny
Her dinner in a bundle
And in the middle of the wood
Where the light is worse
Fell into the terrible
Little Red Riding Hood,
Equipped with a trombone
As the rogue Gasparone…
What happened later,
Try to guess you braver.
The fables sometimes
are all upside down
And so disaster is all around:
White Snow that bad
beats the dwarfs on their head
The Sleeping Beauty
Is not sleeping that crafty,
The Prince gets married
To an ugly half-sister
The Step-Mother is pleased
The poor Cinderella
Remains an old maid
Keeping guard to all her pans.

(Gianni Rodari)

Fable: Gianni Rodari's fable "The Terrible Little Red Riding Hook"

* This is a special way to think of the fables and fairy tales again, where the story is upside down. Try to invent a modern fable or reconstruct tone you know “upside down”.

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