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For children: Didactics and creative games with Phaedrus' fable

For children: THINK IT OVER

- After reading the fable tell its content orally, emphasizing its moral; the bullying and hateful crow puts the sheep through wrong abuse, and he has not the strength to rise against her: do you find it is a common behaviour among men, one which is right and worthy of praise and imitation?

  1. Illustrate the fable with drawings and write under each of them which part of the fable it is referred to.
  2. What are the characters of the fable?
  3. Where does the crow alight on?
  4. What does the sheep complain about?
  5. Why does the crow torment the sheep?
  6. What is the main meaning of this fable?
  7. Who or what do the following stressed words refer to?

Tormented HIM If YOU had been I don't go to HIM
Hit HIM You would pay dearly for THEM

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