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Phaedrus' fable: The Wolf and the Lamb - The Fox and the Crow.


Longing for water, to a single brook
Came the Lamb and the Wolf.
High up the stream the Wolf was,
Down the bank was the Lamb.
Then, the ravenous roused his voice
and started umbrage taking at the Lamb.
“How dare you muddy the water
I'm drinking?” - And the meek
-“Please, how should I do as you complain,
if it's from you to me the stream descends?”
By truth bewildered, says he,
“Six months ago you talked behind my back”
“This cannot be, Sir”,-the lamb replied-
“‘cause six months ago I was not”-
“Thus it was your old ram, the one who did”

And take it and leave it, but wrong was he.
To those was written this
Who never want to admit how wrong they are
And with any pretence
Always try to oppress the innocent


To some, flattery is their happiness.
Then they repent but it's too late
‘Cause they've made fool of themselves.

Sitting on a tall tree, a Crow was
Just about to dine with some cheese
Stolen from a windowsill.
A Fox saw her and started to talk:
-“What light is in your plumes, dear Lady!
And how magnificent you are, what shape:
Had you as a special voice to sing as special
your features are, you'd have no rival among birds. -
Foolish Crow, longing to be flattered,
opened her beak wide and the cheese fell down,
The sly Fox was hasty to seize it
in his greedy teeth.
Thus, the Crow saw
The ready dupe she was.

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