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Games for children with the fables.

* Write and dramatize two dialogues starting from the suggested (prompted) situations:

  • a wolf and a dog are competing for a piece of meat next to a hen house(poultry pen);
  • two children are quarrelling(arguing) in a courtyard over a pierced (perforated)ball (with holes in)

* Invent a fable in which the characters are a penguin and a seal, and its moral is “his bark is worse than his bite”.
* Try to illustrate a fable with drawings and tell or make a friend tell the situation and the characters' actions without the help of written parts (texts).
* Invent or tell some fact, realistic or real, which could reflect (mirror) the situation of the fables you have read, without omitting (neglecting)today's moral principles in its conclusion.

* Here you find two lists. Keeping in mind the fables (which you have read) where these animals are present, match each animal with the compatible (associable-right) adjective:

lion sly
fox silly
hawk tyrannical
donkey stupid
fly wise
hen conceited

Illustrate with words or drawings the peculiarities of the behaviour and of the physical appearance of these animals that you have matched with the chosen adjective.

* If you had to draw some people you know in the animals' features(appearance), how would you depict them? Choose one or more persons and depict them; then, under each drawing, write the reasons why you have chosen that animal.

* Try to write a fable in order to expound a moral you have decided; otherwise you can choose one among the following ones:

a) you must not be selfish because in the end you hurt yourself
b) think before acting
c) envy can lead you to dramatic consequences.

* Colora e disegna le favole e le fiabe, inventa una storia e colorala dando vita ai personaggi, oppure vai sul sito disegni da colorare nella sezione dedicata alle fiabe.

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