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The following fable is by Aesop, in it the raven teaches not to surrender in the face of obstacles, but, on the contrary, to try tenaciously to overcome them, using one's own intelligence and a little fancy.

“A thirsty raven suddenly shrieked out:
- Cra!cra! an amphora! An amphora with some water!
Sure, it was a real amphora, and inside it there was some real water, but so little that it hardly filled its bottom and the raven could not dip his beak to sip it.
<Perhaps> he thought <if I tilt the amphora, all the water will go to one side and I can sip it>.
But the amphora was heavy, and the raven could not move it. He was on the point of dropping his undertaking when he got a brilliant idea. With his beak he picked up a stone in the garden, he carried it up to the top of the amphora and let it fall (drop) inside: the level of water rose. Then, the raven carried a second stone, and the water level rose another bit. And so on, until the water did not reach the mouth of the container. At this point, he got on the rim of the amphora and clinging to it tightly with his claws, the raven gulped down the best sip of water in his life.”

In this fable another animal, the raven, shows that with tenacity you can overcome any obstacle.

Ancient fable Disegno del corvo, il personaggio della favola di esopo

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