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Jean de La Fontaine's fable

An ass was jealous of the way his master treated the little housedog: his master cuddled him, held him very close when he dined so as to throw him some good morsels, and always caressed him. “Though, he's a useless animal, while my work is a precious one!” wondered the ass. “To be treated as he is, I should probably do the puppy with my master, and jumps over him”.
The same night, when his master came back home, the ass ran to meet him, jumped over him with his hooves on the master's shoulders, and with his big and rough tongue licked his face; the master fell down under the heavy animal, got his clothes dirty, had a terrible fright and soon, out of temper, called his servants: -Take this beast and give him a sound thrashing! He was about to kill me!” -
- “There's no justice at all!” - thought the poor ass.

(Jean de La Fontaine)


- The man's behaviour, punishing the animal, which is guilty only to be too affectionate, seems unfair according to the animal. What are the features relative to the ass's and master's physical appearance and disposition(nature,temper)?
- You can quote words taken from the text.
- The moral is here clearly expressed: find it.

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