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Gianni Rodari's fable

This is that arbour
And those are the grapes
That the Fox of the fable
Thought too sour to take
But they were too high
For him to get.
Jump one
Jump twice.
If you don't get there
Tomorrow morning try
You'll see that each day
The sweet fruit gets nearer;
‘Cause, remember just this
Training is all.

(Gianni Rodari)

THINK IT OVER: Gianni Rodari's fable "To the fox"

-This fable in verse by Rodari refers toPhaedrus' most famous fable about the fox who uselessly tries to get the grapes of an arbour and, defeated, goes away despising the elusive bunch. Rodari replaces the tradition's renunciatory fox with the bravest and firmest one, a fox who does not give up his purpose and sooner or later will be able to reach his aim. Try to turn upside down one othe traditional fables that you know.

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